Startup Boston is rooted in the development and celebration of people who are pushing boundaries, solving tough problems, and asking every day—how might we do this better? Their events are designed to be a platform through which innovators can learn from and challenge one another, build new partnerships, strengthen ties, and celebrate both failure and growth. 

Jon participated in Startup Boston 2020 and shared insights on the Startup Boston blog:

SBW 2020 Event Recap: Data Rules for Startups

by Jon Lese

How can you make data-informed decisions even early on?

Staying focused and aligning data strategy to your business plan were key messages delivered in Bang for Your Buck: A Cost-Effective Data Strategy, a session during Startup Boston Week 2020. Panelists reinforced the importance of data collection to drive business decisions as startups develop new ideas, concepts, and products.

Data Strategy is Business Critical

There is much more to data than the collection process itself.

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